Over 20 years of experience helping people have fulfilling relationships in and out of the bedroom.

I can help you, too!

It started with two questions…
  • Where do people go to get answers to their more intimate questions without feeling shame, guilt, and judgment?
  • Where do people go to learn techniques on how to give and receive pleasure without feeling embarrassed?
From these two questions, Romantic Discovery was born.

At Romantic Discovery, we believe everyone has the right to enjoy a fulfilling relationship and an amazing intimate life. However, we also recognize that many people have never been taught the skills necessary to be successful in their private life. You may not know where to turn for help, feel ashamed due to your upbringing, or even guilty about your feelings and desires.

It’s okay; you are not alone! Even if you haven’t had the best relationship or intimate life doesn’t mean there isn’t hope.

Explore. Excite. Enjoy.

Romantic Discovery can help you navigate your challenges, unlock your confidence and assist you with opening blocks to your pleasure. Our approach is non-judgmental, welcoming and tailored specifically to your needs.

We will help you understand yourself and your partner better so that you can have a happy and healthy relationship in and outside the bedroom.

We are here to help you feel more connected and satisfied!


We will teach you the skills to take your relationship and intimate life from boring to exploring.


Do you know what you want?  We can help you identify your wants, needs and desires then teach you how to incorporate them into your life.


We educate, build confidence and help you learn about yourself and your partner.


Yes, you are normal! We work to remove the negative stigma and blocks surrounding intimacy and relationship concerns.


Pleasure is your birthright! We help you learn how to give and receive fantastic pleasure.

In addition to coaching services, Romantic Discovery supports you by offering:

  • informative interactive workshops that will teach you techniques you’ve probably have never experienced
  • online training that allows you to learn techniques that can be utilized immediately
  • a unique experience called a Conversation Party where you and your friends will share and receive answers to your most intimate questions. This is an excellent way to remove shame, openly talk and have fun learning about sex.
  • high-quality intimacy enhancers that are fun and daring

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Hi! I’m Cain Joyland, CSC,ACS,ABS

I’m a Clinical Sexologist and Certified Relationship Coach. I’ve dedicated my life to educating people about intimacy and how to have a healthy relationship.

Beyond the certifications and years of practice, my life as a wife for 35 years has helped deepen my comprehension of the intricate layers of intimacy and relationships. These personal experiences have helped shape my approach and taught me the importance of compromise, empathy, and the dynamic evolution within relationships.

If you need help, I invite you to sign up for one of my trainings or keep a lookout for my group coaching sessions.


"You have helped my partner and I find new and fun ways to please each other. We definitely appreciate your advice and your willingness to put yourself out there like you do. Keep up the good work."

"I appreciate you so very much! Keep up the awesome job, you are making a greater impact than you think."
"I've had the BEST experience at the conversation party with miss Cain! A lot of my questions have been answered I recommend you book her with any of your sexual needs questions or inquires!"
"You have helped me out personally so much because after having a baby EVERYTHING FELT DIFFERENT. If it wasn’t for your tips I’m pretty sure I’d be going bananas right now."
"Just had a great experience and discussion with Romantic Discovery! Learned so much! Thanks for the fun!"


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