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Hey there, Welcome; I’m Cain, your new favorite Coach! 

With years of experience and a deep passion for teaching people, I specialize in helping individuals and couples enhance their relationships and intimate lives.

My approach? Making those uncomfortable conversations comfortable. It’s something I’m naturally good at, and it’s at the heart of what I do. I’m here to offer you a safe space where you’re encouraged to be yourself. Together, we’ll strengthen your relationships, explore your intimate desires, and foster personal growth.

Relationship and Intimacy Enhancement Coach
Cain Joyland
Relationship and Intimacy Enhancement Coach

Unlock Secrets to Sensational Oral: Online Masterclass Coming Soon

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Excitement is building for the Secrets to Sensational Oral Masterclass! Responding to a flood of requests from eager learners worldwide, we’re setting the stage for an unparalleled online learning experience. This masterclass, designed to elevate your skills, will soon be within your reach, anytime and anywhere.

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Did you know you don’t have to wait for a public workshop to dive into enhanced relationship and intimacy learning? That’s right! You can book a private group training session with me, offering a unique opportunity for you and your group to enjoy personalized guidance in a comfortable setting. Perfect for friends’ night-ins, these sessions offer personalized attention and a tailored experience that public workshops simply can’t match..

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 These sessions are your key to discovering effective tips, tricks, and techniques in a private, supportive environment.

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Embracing A New Era

Exciting Changes Ahead

At Romantic Discovery, our passion for enriching your journey toward more fulfilling intimacy and relationships is taking a bold new direction. I’m excited to unveil changes that will deepen our impact and extend our reach.

A Fresh Focus

We’re shifting gears to focus entirely on creating immersive group coaching experiences and impactful training workshops. This move away from individual and couples sessions is not an end but a beginning—a path to a broader horizon of collective empowerment, deeper connections, and enriched learning.


Ready to elevate your intimate life? Our on-demand courses are like having your very own Intimacy and Relationship coach, accessible anytime you need, without breaking the bank. Each course provides valuable insights and strategies to help you create and maintain a fulfilling, intimate life.


Host an exclusive private workshop where I’ll personally guide you and your guests through the secrets of enhancing your relationship and/or intimate skills.  It’s a rare opportunity for you to get hands-on guidance on rarely taught topics that will transform your understanding of pleasure. Get ready to discover fun, transformative experiences that will take your relationship to new heights.


Dive into group coaching for couples and women, a journey where challenges in relationships and intimacy are addressed with understanding, strategy, and support. You’re not alone in your desire for a fulfilling love life. Join us to uncover practical approaches for lasting positive change.


"You have helped my partner and I find new and fun ways to please each other. We definitely appreciate your advice and your willingness to put yourself out there like you do. Keep up the good work."

"I appreciate you so very much! Keep up the awesome job, you are making a greater impact than you think."
"I've had the BEST experience at the conversation party with miss Cain! A lot of my questions have been answered I recommend you book her with any of your sexual needs questions or inquires!"
"You have helped me out personally so much because after having a baby EVERYTHING FELT DIFFERENT. If it wasn’t for your tips I’m pretty sure I’d be going bananas right now."
"Just had a great experience and discussion with Romantic Discovery! Learned so much! Thanks for the fun!"


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